Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Coolness of Geek

Steve Zenone looking at Tondelayo - girls were always cool!Apparently, geek is becoming sexy. We've all known that geek was chic [pronounced sheek for those who think I'm saying chick]....but sexy, that's just hot! I think I've been waiting for this since the late seventies:

"The Nerd Girls may not look like your stereotypical pocket-protector-loving misfits—their adviser, Karen Panetta, has a thing for pink heels-but they're part of a growing breed of young women who are claiming the nerd label for themselves. In doing so, they're challenging the notion of what a geek should look like, either by intentionally sexing up their tech personas, or by simply finding no disconnect between their geeky pursuits and more traditionally girly interests such as fashion, makeup and high heels."
Newsweek, "Revenge of the Nerdette", 6/9/2008
As I sit here I get mini flashbacks of typing away on my TRS-80 in elementary school, writing my first snippets of code in BASIC, knowing that in the eyes of the masses I wasn't being cool. Then, in junior high, I graduated to the the Apple II, on which platform I launched my first BBS. Soon after I added multiple phone lines and had sister systems throughout the US. Ahh, the good 'ol days of the lawless wild west, shortly before William Gibson coined the term cyber in his 1982 book, Burning Chrome.

Newsweek Article [link]

-Steve Zenone

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