Thursday, November 24, 2011

Schedule Emails to be Sent Later in Gmail

Image via Boomerang for Gmail
I have happily been a Gmail and Google Apps account holder for several years. A feature that I felt had been lacking was the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later date. I've searched for various solutions ... all of them disappointing ... until recently when I came across Boomerang for Gmail which does just that; it lets you write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at a scheduled time. There are both Google Chrome and Firefox plugins for Boomerang. The plugin adds a “Send Later” button in Gmail. It doesn’t get much easier than that to schedule emails for sending at a later date.

If you're interested in using Boomerang for free, here's the link: Boomerang for Gmail

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Unknown said...

Boomerang for Gmail: disappointing
Posted on 25 janvier 2012 by David Latapie
Boo­me­rang is sup­po­sed to make up for a lack of mail sche­du­ling in Gmail. Good idea, but sadly too much flaws to make it a viable option.

You must resort to the English inter­face (I tried with English (US); I did not try English (UK)); at least with French, the "Send Later" but­ton won’t appear.
You must allow pop-ups for authentification!
You must allow IMAP access; if you acti­va­ted the Advan­ced IMAP control lab, you must also allow Drafts to be visible in IMAP — does it mean that Boo­me­rang has access to my mail?
The Hour must be ente­red manually, because the bulit-in calen­dar doesn’t allow selec­ting hours.
Extra condi­tions:

Sche­du­led mails do not appear in Drafts, but in a "Boomerang-Outbox" label (or in a new but­ton in the toolbar!
It seems that Boo­me­rang for Gmail can’t be deployed in Google Apps; it must be manually ins­tal­led in any Chrome browser :/
Worst of all, the free ver­sion only allows for 10 mes­sages to be scheduled.
It’s a shame, espe­cially consi­de­ring an ear­lier ver­sion was much better.